North Carolina Medicaid Enrollment and Billing


Overview and Informational Webinar

On January 8, 2024, North Carolina Medicaid began allowing pharmacists, who provide care and prescribe medications via statewide protocols, to enroll as healthcare providers.  Prior to this date, and since 2018, clinical pharmacist practitioners, working under a collaborative agreement, have been allowed to enroll as NC Medicaid providers. 

The North Carolina Association of Pharmacists coordinated the legislative work that led to the passing of State Law 2021-110, which grants authority to pharmacists to prescribe certain medications. North Carolina Medicaid is the first health plan to recognize pharmacists as qualified health care providers and to begin paying for care permitted by the profession’s legal scope of practice. 

Each of this page's tabs are provided to assist pharmacists in navigating the steps for both provider enrollment with North Carolina Medicaid, and the submission of a medical claim for a North Carolina Medicaid beneficiary. The video below is from the NCAP and NC Medicaid-hosted webinar entitled 'Medicaid Pharmacist-Provider Enrollment & Billing for Contraceptive Care' originally held on February 20th, 2024.

Topics covered in this video:

  1. Background leading to pharmacist provider enrollment with NC Medicaid
  2. Requirements and information to support successful enrollment
  3. Information on taxonomies for pharmacies vs pharmacists vs. CPPs
  4. Billing information for contraceptive care

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