Request for Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) Credit

Need NCAP To Accredit A Program For Your Group or Organization?
NCAP is the accrediting body for NC-CE Approved Continuing Pharmacy Education
Programs f
or organizations who wish to provide a CPE Program for
pharmacists/technicians please completethe CPE Program Accreditation Form.
Fee for this service:
$65 if submitted 30 days prior to the program
$90 if submitted less than 30 days prior to the program

Need NCAP To Issue Individual CPE Credit For a CME Program You Attended?
For an individual who attended a continuing medical education (CME) program,
and you would like to request Continuing Pharmacy Education, please complete
the Individual CPE Credit Request Form. Make sure to scan and attach a copy
your attendance statement showing the name and date of the program, the
CME accreditation number, and number of hours issued.

Fee for this service:
Free for NCAP members
$20/credit hour for non-members


Licensure Requirements:


Since 2018, the NC Board of Pharmacy only accepts three types of continuing education:


ACPE, NC-CE, and pharmacy school issued precepting hours.  Pharmacists are required to obtain 15 hours of continuing education, annually, and 5 of the 15 hours must be acquired as contact (live) continuing education. 




What’s the Difference in ACPE vs. NC-CE:


The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education providers issues ACPE continuing education hours, and the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists partners with an ACPE provider or accredits programs directly using NC-CE.  There is no difference in the quality of programming, however, NC-CE allows NCAP greater flexibility in working with our clients, and helps us to hold down costs for our members and the Association.




How do I Know if a Program is ACPE or NC-CE Accredited:


When continuing education programs are advertised, the promotional materials will list how it is accredited and for how many CEU or hours.  ACPE accredited programs will portray the ACPE logo along with a program number using this type of universal format:  0197-0000-18-001-L05-P/T.   NCAP accredited programs accredit using an NC followed by a 9 digit number (eg. NC 093020110).




How is my CE Documented and Tracked:


ACPE:  upon participation in a continuing education program, and after completion of an evaluation, the ACPE provider will automatically issue and upload your credit hours to the NABP CPE monitor.  All pharmacists and PTCB certified technicians are required to have an NABP CPE monitor e-profile number for documenting and tracking ACPE accredited programs you attend.


Click here if you have forgot your NABP e-profile # or if you need to register for one




NC-CE:  upon participation in a continuing education program accredited by NCAP, a roster is submitted to NCAP by the program host verifying your attendance.  Live stream programs hosted by NCAP use the webinar platform to verify attendance for the duration of the program.  After verification of attendance, the NCAP Staff will document your participation and track your credit hours in our database.  




Can I See My CE Hours That Have Been Issued:


ACPE:  Yes, you can see your ACPE hours that have been issued by logging into your NABP CPE Monitor e-profile. 




NC-CE:  NCAP documents and stores your NC-CE in your NCAP member profile; therefore, if you are a member of the Association you can always view your NC-CE issued hours by logging into the NCAP website at and clicking on the ‘My CE’ tab.  Non-members are encouraged to join, but can contact the NCAP office at (984) 439-1646 to verify that we do indeed have their hours documented.