NCAP Student Advocacy Series

Purpose: This 5-part series will provide students with the knowledge and tools to create meaningful conversations with state legislators regarding pertinent state pharmacy legislation. The 4 pharmacy schools’ respective North Carolina Association of Pharmacists Student Pharmacist Forum (NCAP SPF) chapters have collaborated to provide all pharmacy students within North Carolina with the opportunity to become a confident student advocate. NCAP will reward students with a “Student Pharmacist Advocate Certificate” for student members who fulfill requirements and participate in a live meeting(s) with a state legislator.

Through this initiative, you will learn how to become a proper student advocate through sessions in:

  1. Why Advocate as a Student Pharmacist?
  2. State Pharmacy Legislation Information Session
  3. Hot Topics Discussion on Pharmacy Legislation
  4. Legislator Meeting Preparatory Session
  5. Virtual Meetings with State Legislators

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For any questions you may e-mail any of the NCAP SPF Leaders or Shane Garrettson  at [email protected]