Academies, Forums, Networks & Committees
Members can use the online member directory, or contact NCAP at (984) 439-1646, to obtain contact information for any of the volunteer leaders below.

Practice Academies
NCAP's Practice Academies are designed to meet the special needs of individual practice settings.

2021 Ambulatory Care Leadership Team
2021 Chronic Care Leadership Team
2021 Community Care Leadership Team
2021 Health-System Leadership Team

The Forums serve to connect and meet the unique needs of new practitioners and student pharmacists.

2020 New Practitioner Forum
2021 Student Pharmacist Forum


Independent Pharmacy Network--Ritesh Patel, Chair
Northwestern Regional Leader(s)--Vacant
Southwestern Regional Leader(s)--Kim Ferguson
Triad Regional Leader(s)--Bill Koonce and Keith Vance
South Central Regional Leader(s)--AJ Bhatt
Triangle Regional Leader(s)--Danny Barnes and Greg Vassie
Sandhills Regional Leader(s)--Rob Barrett and Joe Williams
Northeastern Regional Leader(s)--Todd Jackson and Brent Richardson
Southeastern Regional Leader(s)--Beth Caveness, Miranda Hill, and Bobby Rawls

2020 Committees
Policy & Advocacy Committee--Todd Jackson, Chair
Membership Committee--Tina Hipp and Evan Colmenares, Co-chairs
Communications Committee--Mary-Haston Vest and Tasha Woodall, Co-chairs
Resource Development Committee--Currently Vacant

2020 Task Forces
Medical Cannabis Task Force--Greg Vassie and Franklin Roye, Co-Chairs
Hormonal Contraception Task Force--Mollie Scott, Chair
Telepharmacy Appointees to BOP Task Force--Todd Jackson and Tim Weber, Co-Chairs

2020 Special Project Teams
Health-System Leaders' Summit Planning Project Team--Stephen Eckel, Chair
Spring Conference Project Team--Ryan Mills and Ann Marie Nye, Co-Chairs
Convention Planning Project Team--Matt Kelm and Dustin Wilson, Co-Chairs
Residency Conference Planning Project Team--Holly Canupp, Chair
E-Learning Planning Project Team--Amy Holmes, Chair