Free event! Everyone should take this chance to advocate for the future of pharmacy in North Carolina!


2024 Pharmacy Legislative Day

Target Audience
Pharmacists, Student-Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Technicians

NOTICE: Due to unforeseen circumstances the majority of legislative offices will be closed on May 29th. NCAP is working to reschedule Pharmacy Legislative Day to a later date. Keep an eye on your email and this webpage for more information as soon as we have it.

We are very excited about our day at the General Assembly on May 29th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Attendees will be playing an important role in advancing the practice of pharmacy in North Carolina. Participants will:

  • Gather with pharmacy professionals from across the state to join their voices in support of pro-pharmacy/pro-patient legislation.
  • Take Action by educating their elected members of the General Assembly while discussing important pharmacy issues.
  • Establish or further foster relationships with their legislators.
  • Support our profession's legislative agenda as it works its way through the legislative process.

Registration is FREE, but REQUIRED so we can prepare for the event.

Pharmacy Legislative Day Preparation Webinar

Webinar to be held on May 22nd 6:00-7:00 PM preceding the event to prepare all attendees for what to expect on legislative day. Attendees are expected to join the live session to understand the logistics and expectations of the day as well as best inform themselves on the issues most pressing in our advocacy agenda.

To register for this webinar, click 'Register Here' at the top of this page to receive the webinar link.

If you've already registered for the day and need to join the webinar, Click Here

Below are some answers to questions you might have about the day.

What should I wear/bring?

  • Comfortable shoes ('nice' tennis shoes are ok), there is no seating, you will be walking or standing for the majority of the day.
  • Business casual clothing, wear your lab coat, and name badge if you have one.
  • A collapsible umbrella in the event of inclement weather
  • You will have to go through security, do not bring anything you aren't willing to carry with you all day.
  • NCAP will provide you with copies of the talking points documents posted at the bottom of the page.

How will the day proceed?

  • Attendees should plan to arrive by 9:00 am. Groups will be formed, an all-attendee photo will be taken and the first legislative appointments will begin at 9:30 am. NCAP staff member will greet you on the steps going into the legislative building, located at 16 W Jones Street.
  • Groups will then enter the building, through security, and begin visiting legislators. Each group will have an assigned guide to help get the group to the right place.
  • In the event that you arrive after 9:30 am, please text (757)-329-6181 and an NCAP staff member will help you.

How will I know where to go during the day?

  • Lobbyists, NCAP staff, and volunteer leadership will help you in getting to your legislators' offices. You will not be left to fend for yourself!
  • Above all things, this day is meant to showcase pharmacy professionals. This is your day! Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience.

How will I know about my meetings?

  • Your information provided in registration for the event will be used to help NCAP prepare for the day. NCAP will attempt to make appointments with members' individual legislators, any appointments scheduled by NCAP will be posted on the legislative day website by Noon on Tuesday, May 28th, 2024. The appointment schedule will be updated as we make appointments. In the event that your legislator will not be available for an appointment, please take the time to speak with their administrative aide and leave behind NCAP-provided materials. NCAP staff will assist you in finding the location(s) for your meetings. If NCAP receives updates or cancellations, we will post the information here as quickly as we can. During legislative day, if we receive changes in appointment schedules we will text affected attendees.

What will I say?

  • You will be provided with talking points prior to your visits. The talking points will focus on passing our legislative agenda and the concerns that we as pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have about policy related to the profession. There is no need to be nervous! Legislators want to hear from you, and you will find them to be very attentive. Just be yourself and you will be very effective. Talk about why you went into pharmacy, where you practice, some of the challenges you face in your daily work, and why the issues that NCAP and you are advocating for are so important to North Carolinians and their health.

How many meetings will I have?

  • The number of meetings you have will depend on how long you can stay and the availability of your individual legislators. During the day, we plan to have meetings with key legislative leaders, and hopefully with Speaker Moore and President Pro-Tem of the Senate, Phil Berger. We will be scheduling meetings, but given hectic legislative schedules some meetings may overlap, get moved around, or cancelled. We will do our best to follow through and ensure that each Pharmacy Legislative Day attendee gets to participate in one or more meetings.

Where should I park?

Appointments with key legislative leaders

  • Groups will be assigned to meet with certain key legislators who may or may not be from your home districts.
  • An NCAP lobbyist or board member will accompany these groups for meeting with key legislators.

Pharmacy Legislative Day Materials

Pharmacy Legislative Day Groups

Coming Soon! (Groups will be posted and emailed to registrants)