H246 - Take Action Now!

Target Audience
All Pharmacists, Student-Pharmacists, Patients, and Pharmacy Technicians


H246 - Revise Pharmacy Benefits Manager Provisions is a legislative initiative aimed at reining in the egregious practices of PBMs and their negative impact on patients and pharmacies.   PBMs are the greatest threat to our profession.  We need all pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, student pharmacists, and patients to take action.  This bill passed in the NC House unanimously, but has stalled for over a year in the Senate.  Time is running out!  All pharmacy professionals must Act Now!    This bill:  gives the Department of Insurance the authority to enforce PBM-related laws ; requires PBMs to reimburse pharmacies more fairly; eliminates 'spread pricing’; and promotes pricing transparency. Additionally, it will prohibit PBMs from coercing patients into using their own mail-order pharmacies, safeguarding individuals' freedom of choice. The bill also helps to address white bagging and prevents PBMs from requiring multiple specialty pharmacy accreditations to dispense specialty drugs.

Data from other states suggests that passing this bill will not lead to increased costs for patients in North Carolina (NC). Patients will still have the option to choose mail-order, and the legislation does not generate delays in care. In fact, it will improve access by preventing PBMs from obstructing health-system pharmacies ability to fill prescriptions for their own clinics.  Fairer reimbursement will prevent pharmacy closures that are creating or worsening care deserts across the state.  LET'S ACT NOW to get the NC Senate to pass this important legislation.

Our Collective Goal - To Flood NC Senators With Calls and Letters From Pharmacy Professionals and Patients.

Here are the steps you can take to support H246:

  • Step 1: Review materials to help you formulate your thoughts on what you want to say to your NC Senator
  • Step 2: If you do not know your NC Senator, take time to look them up Here
  • Step 3: Call your senator
  • Step 4: Write your senator
  • Step 5: If you work in an environment where you can encourage your patients to take action, see section titled Community Pharmacy Patient Outreach Materials


Advocacy Agenda Materials

Community Pharmacy Patient Outreach Materials

Below are Some Tips on How to Take Action

Talking Point Materials

  • Sample Phone Script
    • Introduce yourself as a constituent and pharmacist/pharmacy student/technician/patient/etc.
    • State that you are calling to ask for your senator's support for H246
    • Explain why this bill is important and that you are willing to speak with them at their convenience
    • Close with giving your name and number and thank them for their time
  • Sample Letter Script
    • Make sure you put your address on the envelope(This will show that you are a constituent)
    • Begin your letter with 'Dear Senator __Last Name__'
    • After addressing Senator, state your name, that you are a constituent, and your position in the pharmacy
    • State that you are writing this letter to ask the senator to take action and support H246
    • Write a paragraph about why this bill is important, share a story on how PBMs have negatively impacted your patients, community, and business
    • Close with 'I am available to speak with Senator ____ when they are available' and provide your name, number, and email
    • Again, ask for their support of H246

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