NC CAN - North Carolina Community Pharmacy Alert Network


What Do Local Health Departments Need to Know About NC CAN?

The NC CAN platform was created to enhance and facilitate communication between local health departments (LHDs) and community pharmacies in their area. It is not intended to be used in emergency scenarios, but rather to alert pharmacies and their staff about public health threats or needs in the community. The goal of this network is to improve public health by developing critical connections between key stakeholders in the community. Additionally, it is intended to increase knowledge  and enhance access to the resources that exist within the healthcare landscape across the state.

Ready to connect with pharmacies?

If you are affiliated with a local health department in NC, you can submit an 'alert' or message to the community pharmacies in your county via the NC CAN network by using the message intake form linked below. If you have questions about how or what to submit, please email Megan Witkowski ([email protected]) or Penny Shelton ([email protected]) using the subject line 'NC CAN QUESTION'. You can also call (984) 439-1646 during normal business hours.

Areas of focus for this network could include (but are not limited to):

  • Mobilizing for outbreaks
    • COVID, Monkey Pox, Hepatitis A, etc. 
  • COVID testing, treatment, etc. 
  • Childhood and adult immunizations
    • Flu, Tdap, pneumonia, shingles, COVID, etc. 
  • Preventing opioid overdoses and treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
  • Unplanned pregnancy prevention
  • Migrant farmworker health
  • Tobacco cessation and tobacco-related illness
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV

**Communications will only be sent during normal business hours, M-F, 9am-5pm. Your message will be relayed to the community pharmacies in your selected area within 48 business hours of submission.**