North Carolina MPJE Preparation Resources

Our association offers two options to prepare for the exam. See the resources available below. 
The study guide and online course are updated twice a year, April 1st and October 1st

MPJE Study Guide

This resource is mailed to the purchaser as a notebook, containing a review of pertinent federal- and state-level statutes and regulations for the practice of pharmacy in North Carolina.  Throughout the study guide, the author provides “Test Your Knowledge” quiz questions to help you retain information.  The resource also provides one practice exam.  

Price:  $99 plus $10 for shipping fee in NC
Price: $99 plus $15 for shipping fee outside of NC

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North Carolina MPJE Preparation Course

This resource is a self-paced, online course, providing content recordings, slides, an MPJE blueprint for MPJE competencies, exam tips, practice exams, questions/answers online with the instructor, and a copy of the above-described MPJE Study Guide.  Price:  $250

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Note: We offer significant discounts off membership with your purchase of either the Study Guide or the Preparation Course.   These options will be present on the order form, when you click to order.  If you have questions contact, the NCAP office at (984) 439-1646, or email [email protected] for inquiries or assistance.